It’s Happening –CUBA Live! 2017

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It’s Happening –CUBA Live! 2017

The Africana Cuban Culture and Traditions Travel Project.

La Habana, Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Matanzas, Cienfuegos.

Conversations |Tours | Visits | Art | Food |Science | Authenticity | Variety||

Daily departures from many U.S. cities.

Information and details 404.915.6701.

Feeling good in Cuba, Join Us!




Warm Temperatures, Sun, Sand, Surf.
Shoes not required.


Feel at home in Cuba. Join Us!

Feel at home in Cuba.
Join Us!



Mountains and hills dominate the landscape.
Santiago de Cuba.

In Santiago de Cuba; you are either traveling up hill or down hill.

Compared to La Habana, Santiago is cleaner, quieter and more picturesque.

Mountains are everywhere, glimmering in the distance.

This started as a video, then accidentally the slo-mo setting was activated.

Pardon the change in pace.

Slo-mo is only fun when we are doing the business ūüėČ






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La Habana – Santiago

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Day 31 La Habana – Domingo

My body clock is still on Douala time, but I promise, it really is getting better. Slowly, surely, one day at a time I am slaying the tight grip of the jet lag beast. For instance, instead of awakening at 2:00 am EST like I did on Day 28, today I woke up at 4:00 am EST. That is two more hours, this is progress, my spirit is catching up with my body, so I have no complaints. Being optimistic, the early morning wake up has given me the opportunity to get organized, plan and complete important paperwork for the 2017 season.

Plus yesterday, the West Coast contingent arrived via commercial airlines for a 10 day maiden journey to Cuba. This cultural immersion field research project focuses on Afro Cuban Cultural Traditions, Architecture and Music in Public Spaces. On this project itinerary we will explore La Habana, journey to Santiago de Cuba for two nights visit, enjoy a day trip to Las Terrazas and Vi√Īales, then mid week three more guests will join the fold and we will all attend the 32nd International Festival Jazz Plaza.

Although later today I might get sleepy, no worries, we are here in Cuba, we have our Festival passes, Santiago flight tickets, and we are ready to have a good time.

December 10, 2016

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img_0320Day 30. La Habana – S√°bado.

December my birth month has begun with a bang, christened with kisses from Ocean, Rain, Sun. Kribi, Douala, Bwassalo, Douala, Paris, Miami, La Habana.

Straight up and down, the Universe says that big girls like me, get no shorts. Since none are needed, none will be given.

Which basically means that all big girls, eh all grown woman are clear about their needs, weaknesses and boundaries. Yes I be lady o.

And that lady over there, she’s my sister, so watch it, we are moving through this thing together!!

So Ms. December, off into the wild blue yonder you go. Those who care about your progress and happiness, will watch your back. As for those who do not –fuck ’em. Remember that unless you let them, they can’t touch you anyway.

Meantime queens are born in December, so carry on and proceed accordingly.

Miami Layover

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Day 28 – Stateside layover.

Miami = My Am I _______ fill in the blank.

Body in Miami. Spirit still in Douala.

Should be sleeping. Jet lag is a beast.

Will take a nap when I get where I am going.

Usually I say when I arrive in Miami— My am I the most beautiful woman in the world. But today I will say— My am I the most jet lagged woman in the world.


I just came out of my clothes and crashed. Feel asleep Miami time only to wake up on Douala time. #jetlagged

I just came out of my clothes and crashed. Fell asleep Miami time only to wake up on Douala time. Reusing the plastic wrap from the Super Mont water, from Cameroon.
On the wagon and off the grid. Next stop La Habana.#jetlagged #bless

#jetlagged #blessed #roadrunner #Cameroon #Cuba

Diaspora Journey Project Fall 2016

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Diaspora Journey Project Fall 2016

Recently we realized that our 20th anniversary is 2018!

Now is the moment to create something significant and special to celebrate.

Earlier this year I enjoyed my virgin trip to the Motherland with a visit to The Cameroon.

Douala, Bwassalo, Bafoussam, Bandjoun, Bayangam, Yaounde, Kribi, Limbe and Bimba, it was a milestone indeed.

Since then there have been visits to Cuba, Tacoma, Seattle, Martha’s Vineyard and New York.


Over the course of these trips and many conversations, my tribe has kept me thoroughly engaged and inspired.

One especially memorable chat was with my sisterfriend Joye.

She shared with me that as travelers we do not engage in any type of retreats.

That we Sisters are forward thinkers, and therefore we travel for Advances.

The purpose of travel is for advancement.



Enlightened by this outlook, came the birth of the Diaspora Seasonal Advances 2018.

Diaspora Seasonal Advances are travel projects that explore, practice and restore African Diaspora cultural ties for Afrocentric people.

Offering intelligent, responsible African Diaspora travel in community.

We make space to enjoy culturally meaningful group travel experiences.


The 2018 Diaspora Seasonal Advance Project will happen at minimum, once per season and twice in summer.

Each Diaspora Seasonal Advance covers one region significant in African Diaspora history.

The idea is to visit fun and interesting destinations.

A few destinations where we are making plans to contribute to the conscious global vibe.

Africa – Cameroon

Caribbean – Cuba

South America –¬†Brasil

North America – American Beach FL, Sullivan’s Island SC,¬†Martha’s Vineyard MA.



Update with details for the 2018 Diaspora Seasonal Advances will get posted here in January 2017.

Adventurous Journeys




Ready for this next project.

Thought, care and attention to the details of this journey

Will prove a wise investment.















This is Africa.

This is Africa.

Farm Camp – Jazz Fest, 1 hand washes…

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Farm Camp – Jazz Fest, 1 hand washes…

Farm Camp – Jazz Fest, 1 hand washes the other: 4 Days In La Habana #productive



Dialogo con mi Abuela

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Dialogo con mi Abuela


Atlanta GA: AARL – Auburn Avenue Research Library, 101 Auburn Avenue, 30303

5:00 pm Saturday September 10, 2016.

“Dialogue con mi Abuela / Conversation with my Abuela” the latest production from Cuban independent film director Gloria Rolando and Imagenes del Caribe was screened for the Atlanta community.

A beautiful and thought provoking homage to Grandmothers and grandmother energy, the film was very well received by the engaged and well dressed audience.

We were all excited to see the newest independent film from Havana Cuba on the silver screen, in the recently constructed auditorium at the AARL. The atmosphere was low key and delightful.


Centered around a 1993 cassette recorded conversation between Gloria Rolando and her Grandmother, Sra. Inocencia Armas y Abreu. Addressing the complexity of the human condition, the film vis a vis their conversation, explores the significance of class, ethnicity, complexion, social stratification, African descendent representation in public spaces, spiritual customs and historic reflections about politics in early 20th century Cuba.

Afterward the audience enjoyed an excellent conversation with Gloria. It was a very enlightening experience. Really glad that she could be in Atlanta again. More importantly this project illustrates the importance of documenting and maintaining family archives, history and customs.

Next stops are: Minneapolis, New Orleans, UC Irvine, UNC Chapel Hill.


image image image image image image


Public Space – the internet

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There have been vast improvements in Internet access in Cuba since the days of dial up service in 2011.

Many may say there has not been enough change in communication service.

Within six weeks of the announcement of the diplomatic normalization process between Cuba and U.S., immediately changes were seen in price, availability and accessibility of the illusive WIFI signal.

By July summer 2015, the WIFI signal had expanded beyond the confines of hotel lobbies, to plazas and public spaces in neighborhoods around La Habana and in every Province.

Access has broadened from primarily the tourism economy to everyone with access to a prepaid ETECSA password.

Limited seating on a ledge or holding up a wall, ETECSA WIFI offers the bare minimum accommodations in exchange for relatively strong prepaid internet access.

Even sitting on the curb in the heat of August, checking for shade and the best WIFI signal, if I had the chance to set up dual residence, I would do so in a heart beat.









It’s Happening – CUBA Live!

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It’s Happening – CUBA Live!

Cienfuegos Lighthouse, Summer 2016.

The Measure: Heading Back to The Source.

A few months ago one of my sister’s playmates from childhood, called me out of the blue to say that she wanted to experience a point and shoot adventure in Cuba. Shocked, I asked her straight up, you mean you want to go with me to Cuba, to stand in the street and take photographs? You have a deal!!!

Our most interesting guests approach us with special requests. We love doing special.

Thus far we have done, Feria del Libro, Festival Jazz Plaza, African American Artists and Abstraction, Cuban Architecture, surprise birthdays, permaculture, freestyle, and for this second time, point and shoot. Not to mention all the cool events coming up in 2017.

Social capital greases the wheels, making sure that we have an excellent time along the way.


The Jazz Dancers – Festival Jazz Plaza 2015.


So here we are now. A couple of us will go over first.

A few days later our Travelfriend will join us.

Then when the team is complete, we will set off on our triangular road trip, to point and shoot all things Cuban.

Faces, sights, sounds, smells, tastes and of course we will touch most everything.

Over the past few weeks the excitement has been so high, that I have often wanted to scream.

Who knows, perhaps instead there will simply be quiet tears upon arrival.

Meantime we have plans and the image of the Cristal Girl will have to hold me until I make contact with the sand.

The Cristal Girl is from my very first visit, she has magic and sends all of us Love, Peace and palm grease.


Playa Ancon, Spring 2011.

Beach time soon come.


Cuba Project Schedule 

Dec. 13 Р20, 2016  Р 32nd La Habana International Festival Jazz Plaza

Feb. 16 Р20, 2017  Р 26th Feria del Libro International Book Fair

April 2017  Р Havana Arte РAfrican Influences in Contemporary Art

July 2017  Р Santiago de Cuba РFiesta del Fuego

December 2017  Р 33rd La Habana International Festival Jazz Plaza

For more information and details, please email or call 404.915.6701.

Adventurous Journeys


IFCO Pastors for Peace Caravan 2016 – Atlanta

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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 Pastors for Peace caravan will arrive in Atlanta on Saturday, July 9. 

Join us this Saturday when we celebrate 27 years of solidarity with the Cuban people. 

Potluck meal and dinner talk.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

6:30 to 9:00 pm

 Friends Meeting House

701 W. Howard St. Decatur Ga. 30030


 Although some travel and trade restrictions have been eased this year, the U.S. economic blockade against Cuba is still in effect.

 Eight caravan travelers will speak about the important role that U.S. citizens can play in lifting the blockade and the travel ban against Cuba. 

 Senora Gladys Abella, a leader of Ebenezer Baptist Church, in Habana will be the  keynote speaker.

 Sra. Abella was a contributor in the creation of the The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial Center in Habana.

¬†Please bring a dish to share and make a donation for the caravan’s expenses.

 We need eight beds for the caravanistas.

Email us if you can host one or more guests in your home on the night of July 9. 

In solidarity.


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